Monday 9 July 2012

12 Pin Extension/ Coupler Male to Jack Socket

12 Pin Extension /Coupler


All parts RoHS Compliant and Quality Genuine!
Benefit the best image quality by our Super Flexible Camera Cables!


Custom Application Cable Assemblies Welcome.

Custom lengths and Right Angle Available. Robotic Cables Available!
  • UL RoHS Compliant ! Made in USA!
We have two types of extension cables.
1. Right Side(SFCC-AX-1X0) Connectors: HR10A-10J-12S(73) Jack Socket and HR10A-10P-12P(73) Male
2. Left Side (SFCC-AX-X01) Connectors: HR10A-10P-12S(73)Female and HR10A-10J-12P(73) Jack Male
Download pdf document about detail configurations of coupler cables.
*Explanations for Right Side Cable( SFCC-AX-1X0)
CCD Camera - - - -Your Cable - - - -Right (SFCC-AX-1X0)

*Explanations for Left Side Cable (SFCC-AX-X01)
CCD Camera - - - - Left (SFCC-AX-X01) - - - -Your


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