Saturday 7 July 2012

L Style Adapter Female-to-Jack Male

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12 pin L-Adaptor: Female-to-Male

12 pin L-Adaptor: Female-to-MaleRight Angle Adaptor:F-to-MADP-L/L/R/U/D-01

All parts RoHS Compliant and Quality Genuine!     

Elbow Connector adapter good for all Hirose 12 Pin CCD Cameras and Lens.

ADP-LR-01  Connect to Camera Cable and CCD Camera

Download pdf document about detail directional configurations of   L Style Adapter
*ADP-LR-01 For    Right Side
  ADP-LL-01 For    Left Side
  ADP-LU-01 For    UP Side
       ADP-LD-01 For    Down Side
HIROSE Connectors-
                 HR10A-10LP-12S (73) Female        
                HR10A-10J-12P (73) Jack Male     
ORIGINAL! Only available here!


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