Saturday 7 July 2012

12 Pin Standard CamCable (Male-->Female) SFCC-AX-10X


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SFCC-AX-10X-MeterCCD CameraCCD Camera

All parts RoHS Compliant and Quality Genuine!
GOOD FOR ALL CCD CAMERAS AND LENS. ( Pin 1 to Pin 12 all pin straight connected )
Benefit the best image quality by our Super Flexible Camera Cables!

  • SFCC Cam Cables can be use all Hirose 12 pin CCD Cameras.
  • Custom Application Cables Assemblies Welcome.
  • Industrial/Security/ Robotic Machine Vision use flexible multicore coaxial cables with 12-pin Hirose connectors Assembly.
* Customer can choose lengths:1m, 2 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7 m,10 m ,15 m,20 m,25 meter,or Any Lengths!!!

(Dsub HD40,26,15P and 12pin custom Applications cable assemblies available!)

* L Style ( Right angle) Camera Cables Available!
All products are RoHS compliant! LeadFree!
Components & Assembly:    Made only in USA and  in Japan!
  • 100% Tested Continuity and High Voltage Isolation!
  • 100% Tested with mW range for solder quality assurance!
  • highest quality controlled products!
  • Supplier reliability Guaranteed!

  • Hirose Connectors :: Male: HR10A-10P-12P(73)
                                               Female: HR10A-10P-12S(73)                   WWW.CamCables.Com

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