Saturday 7 July 2012

L Style Standard Cable( Male --->L- Female )

12 Pin Right Angle Camera Cable
12 Pin Right Angle Standard CamCable

Order informations visit to WWW.CamCables.Com

All parts RoHS Compliant and Quality Genuine!      Made in USA or Japan

GOOD FOR ALL 12 PIN CCD CAMERAS AND LENS. ( Pin 1 to Pin 12 all pin straight connected )

Custom Applications cable Assemblies Available!
Please choose directions!

SFCC-AX-1LX-05    Left Side

SFCC-AX-1RX-05    Right Side
SFCC-AX-1DX-05    Down Side
SFCC-AX-1UX-05    Up Side

* Custom lengths available. ( 1,2,3,5,7,9,10,15,20,25 meter )
* HIROSE Connectors-  HR10A-10P-12P(73) Male and
                                       HR10A-10LP-12S(73) Female
  • 100% Tested Continuity and High Voltage Isolation!
  • 100% Tested with mW range for quality assurance!
  • highest quality controlled products!
Select your cable direction with respect to the notch between Pin 1 and 9
    U for Up
    D for Down
    L for Left
    R for Right.
Explanations e.g.: SFCC-AR-1DX-05
S      for S cable
FCC for flexible cam cable
cable manufacturer A
for Robotic applications
1   for Male connection in one end
D   for Downward cable direction at molded female right angle connector
X --> reserved
05  for cable total length 5 meter ( 16ft )

Made in USA, or made in Japan! UL RoHS Compliant!

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